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Hello & Welcome! I am so excited you're here! You have made it to the very deepest depths of my soul - my photography! Growing up I was raised by my nana and grandpa. (They are my WHY in this industry). My nana use to have SO MANY of those disposable camera's laying around the house. She was constantly taking pictures. It was always the funnest thing ever to find an old camera, take it to walgreens and develop the images and see what was on the camera. The anxiety of waiting the week for them to develop was so real! I believe she is who gave me my love for photography, and without even trying.

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I have 3 beautiful blonde hair, blue eyed babies, 2 fur babies (an english bull dog and a lab pit mix), and a wonderful husband who humors me in everything I do. Together we make up the chaos of our home. Most days I'm not sure how I get through because I swear the dishes never stay cleaned longer then 10 minutes and the laundry pile never diminishes, but this family life is so worth it.

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I love to travel 

 I have been to 12 countries, 3 different continents (US, Europe, & Africa) and have visited 35 of our US states. I was born & raised in Phoenix, Arizona and have lived in Hawaii, Washington & Colorado. I would have no probably moving around every few years for the rest of my life. There is so much to see. However, with kiddos, stability is our best friend so we've planted our roots permanently here in Parker, CO.

My favorite travel quote is "Jobs fill your pockets but adventure fills your soul".

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Some of my other loves 

Disney - I take my 3 kids (ALONE) twice a year, every year.
Starbucks - I place a mobile order EVERY SINGLE MORNING on my way to take my kids to school, and in the summer months, it's everytime I leave for a session.
Horror movies - My husband and I have probably watched every scary movie out there. If our home ever becomes possessed, the world is taken out by a zombie creating virus or aliens attack - we're the people to stay with because we'll survive.
Ee cummings is my favorite poet
I LOVE winter (when there's snow)
Wine is my come down after a long day (but how is it not for everyone?)
My favorite thing to do is to hunker down with my husband, in bed and binge watch murder mysteries and stupid netflix & amazon prime shows.

meet Suzanne