Hey guys, I have found a way to developer unlock Windows Phone 8/8.1 for free without having to install the full Windows Phone SDK. If youre developing for Windows 10, see the latest documentation. ] I know the unlock tool is part of the WP8 SDK For game and app development, developers are required to have an unlocked Windows Phone device. When Windows Phone 7 was first released, someone created a utility called Chevron that could unlock the device without the need for a developer account. Quickly Unlock your Windows Phone Device for Development using the Mini SDK and start deploying local or cracked apps (xap/appx). Download the Windows phone mini SDK if Long story short...I have a legit Windows Phone Developer account and I want to unlock my Lumia 920. How to Unlock Windows Phone for Development? Using the Windows Phone Developer Registration tool... 1. You can also use Unregister tool available in Windows Phone 8 SDK. ... handset to get started building apps for Windows Phone! Unlock Windows Phone Without Developer Account 2016 unlock phone with windows phone developer option This is very interesting windows phone Download and install previous Windows SDK and emulator releases for development on earlier versions of the Windows and Windows phone platforms. ... unlock your Windows Phone for app development. We need to unlock a Windows Phone 8 device in order to deploy our app that still supports this specific platform. How to Unlock Windows Phone for Development? ... Windows Phone developer; Install the Windows Phone SDK. I have a windows XP computer, (with dual boot Ubuntu) and a Windows 8.1, bu ... learn here how to install XAP on windows phone 8 without SD Card If you ... to developer unlock your phone. Windows Live ID for Developer Unlock. Here is the tutorial to developer unlock Windows Phone easily. Is there a way to developer unlock my Nokia Lumia 520 without needing the SDK? [ This article is for Windows Phone 8 developers. It . Developer unlock Windows Phone 8 without Visual Studio SDK. We will tell you how to register Winphone as Developer Device and recommend software to unlock your winphone. Initially you will have to install the Windows Phone 8 SDK ... register for a Windows Phone developer So that was how you can unlock your Windows phone and turn on the developer options without Phone 8 SDK but unfortunately windows 8 SL does not ... my app without having (paid) developer account? [Dev Unlock] Chinese Jailbreak tool to developer unlock windows phone and sideload 10 XAPs - All About Windows Phone This process will walk you through all How to dev unlock a Phone on the Windows 10 ... from the 8.1 SDK, ... a Windows 10 phone I don't think you can. The dev unlock via Microsoft developer account does not unlock the phone Under Windows Phone SDK 8.0, click Windows Phone Developer Registration. We will tell you how to register Winphone as Developer Device and recommend software to unlock your winphone. ... and one of those is having a developer unlocked phone. Developer Unlock your Windows Phone 8 device.